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Please get in touch with the Physics Outreach team by emailing

What's on for Schools and Colleges

We have lots to offer both pupils, teachers and members of the public. Email to learn more.

A-level Practical Days

Schools can bring A-level Physics students to our First Year Teaching Labs to carry out a practical experiment using an oscilloscope.

Year 12 Work Experience

This is a dedicated work experience programme for students studying Maths and Physics at A-level.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Scholarships

Find out more about the scholarship opportunities for students studying subject in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Let's Move to the Moon Space Box (KS3)

A free space activity box exploring materials science.

Connect Physics Workshops (KS3)

A series of three workshops to learn what is physics, why and how we do physics.

Tactile Universe (KS2, KS3)

Astrophysics workshops for vision-impaired audiences.

Talks for Schools

Learn more about what talks we have on offer.

Physics Events

Public Engagement Projects

Moon Palace for Leeds 2023

A gift from East Leeds to the world, Moon Palace is your ticket to the stars without leaving the city for Leeds 2023.

Astrophysics for All

We're enriching British Sign Language with new 50 new astrophysics signs with funding from the Royal Society.

A HOLotta Fun

Explaining astrophysics with 3D holograms with funding from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Dancing Quantum Magic

Can we understand difficult scientific concepts intuitively through dance?

Create Materials Innovations

We are scientists, engineers, artists and makers interested in creating the materials of the future.