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Work Experience

Our Year 12 Physics Work Experience week is happening from Monday 15 to Friday 19 July 2024.

The purpose of the Work Experience Week is to learn what it’s like to work in an academic, research-based university through a series of workshops, lab sessions and a project where you will be working alongside other pupils with similar interests in physics and astronomy.  This is your chance to explore fascinating Physics topics, meet world-leading experts and get a taste of what life as a researcher is like.

The objective of the project is to present a research poster at a conference-style event at the end of the Work Experience Week.  Working with a partner and guided by a postgradaute researcher, you will create a conference poster around one of the School’s five areas of research.

The format of the presentation is VERY casual and friendly.  All of the posters will be on display at the same time for about an hour, with partners standing in front of them, talking in conversation with people, perhaps 1-2 people at a time, who approach to learn more about their poster topic.  People visiting the conference poster session will be under- and postgraduates, academics in the School and other research staff.  We are a friendly bunch in Physics!

It's meant to be a relaxed, fun, low pressure experience that's open to everyone.  If you're studying Maths and Physics at A-level, you'll be able to handle this week.  There will be lots of people like you taking part, so don't hesitate to submit an application!

Please review the drop-down menus and contact if you have any questions.

Applications have now closed.

Applications closed at 23:59 on Sunday 24 March 2024.

If you have submitted an application, you will be notified by email if you have received a place on the program or have been put on the waiting list starting from Monday 7 April 2024.

Where does the Work Experience Week take place?

Activities will be held in the School of Physics and Astronomy on the University of Leeds campus.  Participants will be required to provide their own travel arrangements to and from the University each day.  This is not a residential program and no accommodation will be provided.

I live too far away to travel to the University everyday, is there accommodation?

This is not a residential programme. Accommodation will not be provided for participants who out of the commuting distance to the University of Leeds. You need to be able to travel to and from the University each day.  The University will not be responsible for participants after they have been dismissed each day at 4:00pm when the day’s activities are complete.

What are the requirements for the Work Experience Week?

The Work Experience Week is only open to students currently in Year 12 and studying both Physics at A-level.

We regret that we cannot offer work experience to Year 10 or 11 students at this time.

What are the planned activities?

You will get a chance take part in lectures and perform hands-on lab experiments that relate to each of our five research areas. There will be skill-testing workshops that will develop your problem-solving abilities and talks to help you make the most of Year 13.

What are the timings of the Work Experience Week?

The Work Experience Week starts at 10:00 am and finished at 4:00 pm each day from Monday 15 to Friday 19 July 2024.  You must be able to attend for the full time and for all five days.

Are there travel bursaries available?

Travel bursaries are available to students who meet Access to Leeds criteria.