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Reach for the Sky 2024

For year 9-11 Physics, Maths and/ Design & Technology students

Programme Overview

Part 1 - Session in school – 2-3 hours

Delivered by Dr David Peacock, Aviation Programme Lead, and Coker, Educational Outreach Fellow, this session will introduce students to the aviation industry and, through designing and building a wooden glider, explain the physics of flight.

To showcase the wide variety of careers available in the aviation industry, the session will also include talks from UoL graduates working in the industry.

(date to be decided through school and UoL discussions)

Part 2 - Visit to the University of Leeds – 3.5 hours

Students are invited to see the engineering facilities available at Leeds in action and discover how the facilities can be used to increase are understanding of aircraft and the aviation industry.

Lunch will be provided

The campus event will take place on one of the following dates:

Tuesday 16 April 2024
Wednesday 15 May 2024
Wednesday 22 May 2024

Get in touch

For more information and/ to book contact Natalie Duffield-Moore

Funded via the Reach for the Sky Challenge Fund 2023