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Let's Move to the Moon Space Box

View of Earth from the Moon.

Your school can get a Let's Move to the Moon space case full of equipment for free which contains all of the equipment for KS3 students to complete eight missions that explore different aspects of materials science relevant to building a moonbase.

You'll also get an extra-terrestrial visit from a Discover Materials Ambassador, who will introduce the 8 missions classrooms need to complete over 6-8 weeks to launch their spaceship.

Students will receive help and guidance from their teachers and through online workshops from the Discover Materials network.

Clues and videos will guide students to solve the problems in the challenges independently.

What's in the Space Box Case?

Let's Move to the Moon Missions

Student space adventurers will need to complete the following challenges before our ambassadors return for launch.

Mission 0

Solve a chemistry puzzle to unlock the suitcase.

Missions 1-3

Explore the physical properties of the materials needed to establish a Moon base, including mechanical and thermal properties of different materials.

Missions 4-5

Experience the dangers of space: exposure to UV radiation and vacuum. The UV absorptive properties of materials will be explored as will their rigidity.

Mission 6

Launch a 3D-printed rocket with varying payloads.

Mission 7

Create a poster summing up their adventures and discoveries with the help of a Discover Materials ambassador.

How to Book a Space Case

About the Project

The “Let’s Move to the Moon” project has been made possible by a UK Space Agency (UKSA) grant provided as part of the Space for All 2022 Scheme alongside financial support from the Royce Institute.

It was developed by a team of materials scienctists led by Dr Leah Alconcel as part of Discover Materials.