Medicine – Not Just About Medics

The subject of Medicine interests many students, however they won’t all become doctors. Teams of scientists, engineers and mathematicians work alongside medical doctors, helping them to understand the spread of disease, discover better treatments and cures, and develop technology to aid more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Medicine – Not Just About Medics events provide more information about how STEM degrees can link to the field of Medicine, and why STEM is important for medical advancement. Students will get involved in hands-on practicals, from subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Food Science, Engineering, Health and Biosciences.

Please do read on for further information, and if you’d like to apply to take part you can fill out the form here. For enquiries or more information, please contact the STEM@Leeds Team at

Applications for our Medicine not Just About Medics event on 14 December 2022 are now closed.

What are the requirements for the event?

These events are open to pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 and interested in studying science at A-Level.  They’re designed for those who have an interest in Medicine, but want to explore other medically related STEM degrees and career prospects.

Please note – bookings are available to be made for a maximum of 10 students plus 2 staff. This event is free of charge, however attendees will need to bring their own packed lunches.

Medicine - Not Just About Medics booklet

You can access the Medicine, Not Just About Medics booklet by clicking here

Parking on Campus

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We will endeavour to accommodate all parking requests but cannot guarantee they will be met.

Risk Assessments

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Cancellation Policy

If you anticipate that you will be arriving late, the numbers in your group change or for any reason you can no longer attend the event, please contact us as soon as possible to allow alternative arrangements to be made, as some sessions are only viable with minimum numbers.

Please review our Cancellation Policy prior to confirming your attendance.

Participant Code of Conduct

Please review our Participant Code of Conduct prior to confirming your attendance.