Below is a list of some of the talks in schools which we offer. Most of the talks are aimed at A level students and are offered free of charge. Schools outside West Yorkshire may be asked to pay transport costs. Talks are subject to availability of presenters, please email to book.

Growing Modern Medicine – Prof Colin Fishwick

Almost all early medicines were derived from natural sources and many powerful modern drugs are still obtained from nature. Now chemists are able to apply a variety of reactions and methods to these naturally-derived molecules to produce even more potent medicines.

Suitable for KS5 pupils.  Duration 1 hour.

Our Atmosphere – Prof Dwayne Heard

This presentation will look at our changing atmosphere and how chemistry is intimately involved in all the important issues that face society today, for example global warming, the ozone hole, and urban air pollution.

Suitable for KS5 pupils.  Duration 1 hour.

Did life on Earth begin on Earth? – Dr Terry Kee

Did terrestrial life begin upon an isolated Earth or is it to the stars above that we need to look for answers to where and how it all began some 4 billion years ago?

Suitable for KS5 pupils.  Duration 1 hour.

Looking in the mirror – Prof Andrew Nelson

The shape of molecules impinges on their properties. Using everyday examples, including drugs and flavourings, this presentation will explore the properties of ‘mirror image’ molecules.

Suitable for KS5 pupils.  Duration 1 hour.