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Online Courses

As one of the UK’s largest research-based universities, the University of Leeds is a member of the prestigious Russell Group and a centre of excellence for teaching.

Academics at the University of Leeds lead pioneering research that addresses major global challenges, in areas such as energy, water and climate change, human health and wellbeing. The University works in interdisciplinary teams to find innovative solutions to global problems such as poverty, hunger and crime. It strengthens communities through its outreach and public engagement.

The diverse range of FutureLearn courses developed by the University of Leeds will allow the exploration of new and different ways to provide online education. The University wants to reach a global audience, meeting the growing worldwide demand for access to higher education, so that the outstanding knowledge it creates can benefit a wider community.

Click on the links below to start exploring online courses!

Planet Earth: Understanding and Protecting Our Environment

Discover the Earth’s natural systems and explore the impact of human activity and climate change of our planet.

Food Science and Nutrition: From the Farm to You

Follow food’s fascinating journey from the farm to your body and explore new food technologies and nutrition around the world

Computer Programming for Everyone

Discover the art of computer programming and learn what code can do with the Institute of Coding and the University of Leeds.

Anatomy: Know Your Abdomen

Discover the human abdomen and how it works.

Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth -not running currently

Learn about the atmospheric chemistry of planets and celestial bodies and explore the possibility of finding life beyond Earth.

Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

This course will show you how the work of conservation biologists and study of ecosystems can help with conserving the world’s biodiversity.

Exploring Cancer Medicines

Explore the use of medicines in treating cancer and take your first steps towards becoming a science writer.

Chemical Engineering: Shaping a Sustainable Future

Learn how chemical engineering can help to solve global challenges and deliver sustainable development.