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STEM Taster Lecture Videos

STEM online taster lecture videos

Here is a selection of online taster lecture videos from across the STEM faculties and subject areas.

Biological Sciences Taster Lecture Videos

See below taster lectures from the School of Biology, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Sports and Exercise Science.

Why Study Biology?

Why Study Genetics?

Why Study Ecology and Conservation Biology?

Why Study Zoology?

Why Buzz About Bees?

Sex, Genes and Rock'n'Roll

Proteostasis or how frying an egg relates to neurodegenerative diseases

The mechanism of bacterial peptide import by the RagAB transporter

Targeted cancer therapy

Seeing the past, predicting the future: vision and perception

Insulin in the brain and the regulation of food intake

A tale of two drugs

Controlling complex movements

At the heart of your exercise limit

Using differentiation to understand how we beat a 100m world record

Chemistry Taster Lecture Videos

Transition metal chemistry: controlling nanosized metallo-cages

How do reactions behave in very cold environments?

Engineering Taster Lecture Videos

Civil Engineering in the 21st century

Electronic Engineering: 5G and the internet of things

Environment & Geography Taster Lecture Videos

Unlocking sustainable cities

Rumbly with a chance of shakes

Mapping animal burrows with geophysics

Sea Level Change

Fantastic beasts and why to conserve them

The building blocks of infrastructure; using Minecraft for public participation

Geographical perspectives of malaria transmission

Food Science Taster Lecture Videos

Food and Health

Maths Taster Lecture Videos

Taster lecture: Fractals - What, How, Why?

Physics Taster Lectures Videos

Bringing soft matter physics to life

Hierarchical biomechanics: approaches for understanding materials & mechanics across lengthscales

Our astrochemical heritage: An introduction to research in astrophysics at Leeds

It from qubit: quantum information meets quantum matter