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Book A Food Science Workshop


Throughout the year, we send current undergraduate and postgraduate students to schools and colleges to deliver subject specific taster workshops to Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 students.  These one hour workshops are designed to inspire your students to study food science and to give them an insight into an area of STEM and build upon their current subject knowledge.

These workshops are free of charge to schools and colleges. Please be aware that due to a limited budget we can only deliver live in person workshops to schools which are within two hours of the university by public transport.

To book a subject taster workshop please contact

What is food science?

This one hour talk is delivered by undergraduate students from the school of food science and nutrition. Students will find out more about studying food science at higher education and the many different career pathways this research area can provide young people with. Our student ambassadors will take your students on their own journey, sharing information about their own experiences, and delivering activities which give students insight into the subject area and daily lives of students studying food science at HE.

This workshop is designed with Y7 - Y10 students in mind.

Food Textures

Embark on a thrilling adventure into the captivating realm of food science through our workshop, 'Discovering Food Texture.' Engage in an interactive and hands-on exploration of food texture and rheology, allowing participants to uncover the secrets behind the textures of their beloved treats. Delve into the fundamentals of fluid flow behaviour using everyday food examples and explore the significance of texture in the food industry. Our overarching goal is to demonstrate to students how the principles of food science seamlessly apply scientific knowledge to real-world industry applications. Join us for an enlightening journey where science meets the delectable world of culinary delights! 

This workshop is designed with Y9 and Y10 students in mind.

Cool Science of Ice Cream

In this workshop pupils will be introduced to the ways in which materials mix together and how they can behave under different circumstances. They will learn about immiscible liquids and emulsions and understand where these are found in everyday life and why they are important to scientists. They will carry out their own experiments to make a very tasty emulsion – ice cream!

This workshop is designed with Y8 - Y12 students in mind.