Engineering 11-16 Programme

E is for Engineering, Higher Education and Gender Equality

In September 2019, The University of Leeds Educational Engagement STEM team launched a  five year collaborative programme with local secondary schools to inspire the next generation of engineers.

The programme aims to empower girls in Key Stage 3 & 4 studying Maths, Science and DT or Engineering to make informed choices about subject choices at GCSE and Post 16 plus increase visibility of HE courses. Students will discover engineering careers and meet industry professionals with a focus on women in engineering.

‘Women make up just 12.3% of all engineers in the UK, and only one in five of jobs are held by women in the wider engineering sector as a whole’ says Elizabeth Donnelly, CEO of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES)

Only 35% of STEM teachers felt confident in giving engineering careers advice, and this has remained unchanged for a few years.’ (Engineering UK 2017: The State of Engineering,

If you are a teacher and would like more information around how to get involved please contact Natalie Duffield-Moore

2019/20 Activity

In 2019/ 20 partnered with Titus Salt School and Cathedral Academy in West Yorkshire to deliver a series of activities in school and on campus. Activities taught maths in an applied setting alongside interactive Engineering challenges.

Interactive sessions were delivered by post graduate Engineers to increase knowledge of engineering careers and developing skills identified by University of Leeds academics as being attractive to industry. these include resilience, problem solving, communications and creativity.

International Women In Engineering Day 2020

In celebration of International Womens In Engineering Day on 23 June 2020, Electrifying Women has developed a series of online videos and activities for teachers and students to explore the history of women in engineering #ELECTRIFYINGWOMEN

Electrifying Women, a project led by Dr Graeme Gooday and supported by the Womens in Engineering Society at University of Leeds.

For more information about IWED please visit the website

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