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Discover Geography at Leeds

Discover Geography at Leeds is a sustained STEM outreach programme for year 8 students with an interest/aptitude for STEM and/or Geography. Students will explore scientific research and the qualities needed to be a researcher. They will explore the breadth of subjects within the Faculty of Environment at the University of Leeds and the possibilities associated with them.

This is a unique opportunity for year 8 students to get hands-on experience of a Higher Education institution and look to the possibilities of their future.

Session 1 - Introduction to Research

Session 1 will introduce students to the Faculty of Environment at the University of Leeds. They will learn more about the range of subjects within the Faculty and the areas of research.
They will then be introduced to the concept of scientific research and how scientists answer new and exciting questions. We will introduce the students to the research question they will be answering when they visit our campus.

This will be delivered by University of Leeds staff in your setting.

Session 2 - Campus Visit

On the campus visit, students will have the opportunity to use research-level equipment to explore the air quality on the University of Leeds campus. They will collect data and discuss why they think they are seeing the patterns that emerge.
Our student ambassadors will be on hand to support the students and give insight into what university life is like for them.

This will be held on Tuesday 23rd April.

Session 3 - Data in Context

Session 3 will help the students put their work from the campus visit day into the wider context of scientific research. They will be able to take ownership of their work and conclude how far their data can answer the questions posed.

This will be delivered by University of Leeds staff in your setting.

How to apply

To express your interest in Discover Geography at Leeds, please fill in this form.