Astrophysics for All has been funded!

We’re excited to announce that our Astrophysics for All project has been awarded funding by the Royal Society through their Public Engagement Fund.   Check out the other projects that were funded by the Royal Society by visiting their website here.  We’re looking forward to hearing about how our other awardees progress with their projects!

We’re currently pairing down our list of astrophysics words to workshop into new signs for the British Sign Language.  If you want to see what’s already out there, visit the Scottish Sensory Centre’s BSL Glossary and scroll through all the words!  We’ve found that a lot of words that are used astrophysics can be found elsewhere in other subjects, including general physics, chemistry and maths.  Words like “wavelength” and “spectrum” already exist, so we have to make sure that the words we choose for our project haven’t been listed elsewhere.

Our colleagues at the BSL Glossary project also have an app!  If you want to learn BSL signs on-the-go, you can download it now.  They have how-to videos for each word and definitions of the terms that are both written and signed.  More information can be found on the Scottish Sensory Centre’s website.