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Vision of a Zero Carbon Future

This project, supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious scheme, is about creating art to imagine an optimistic future, where humans are adapting to climate change that is already occurring, and have created a ‘zero carbon future’ society in order to prevent further climate change.

A ‘zero carbon future’ is one where no greenhouse gases that cause climate change are emitted through burning fossil fuels or through other industrial processes.

It is important to visualise an optimistic future to inspire people to focus on what is possible and achievable to address the challenge of climate change.

Many schools and members of the public took part in workshops and other project activities in the period 2018-2020. You can download pdfs of the project outcomes: a) a ‘vision of the future’ document including a timeline of the next 100 years, b) a booklet of selected art produced by children and project artists and c) a Zero Carbon Future Leeds photographic panorama by artist Jonathan Turner.

Vision of a Zero Carbon Future Information (pdf), File Download

Ingenious Booklet with cover and interiors

If you have questions, please contact the project leader James Mckay-