Vision of a Zero Carbon Future

This competition is about creating art to imagine an optimistic future, where humans are adapting to climate change that is already occurring, and have created a zero carbon society in order to prevent further climate change.

A ‘zero carbon’ future is one where no greenhouse gases that cause climate change are emitted through burning fossil fuels.

Most scientists believe it will not be possible to achieve zero emissions in all areas, so some technologies that actually capture and store greenhouse gases are proposed. These are called negative emissions technologies. Using these may enable us to get to zero emissions overall (or even negative emissions overall). For simplicity, we call our future vision a ‘zero carbon future’.

Please review the ‘Vision of a Zero Carbon Future’ information and guidance documents for more detailed information.

Time Travel with Photography

Vision of a Zero Carbon Future Information

Competition Guidance Document

If you have questions, please contact the project leader James Mckay at who will be able to answer any queries about submission or eligibility.

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday 10 December 2019.