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STEM Opportunities 11.1

STEM Opportunities Newsletter

STEM Opportunities is our monthly newsletter for teachers which details upcoming events and information that may be of interest.

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Update on STEM Event Postponements: (March 2020 - July inclusive)

Unfortunately, the STEM Outreach Team is postponing all upcoming school events and activities until the end of July 2020 due to Covid-19. This is in light of the recent advice from the UK Government regarding the Covid-19 virus regarding non-essential contact and unnecessary travel.

For some events taking place from May 2020, we will be providing online learning resources for students and teachers. Keep an eye on what's coming up via the events section of the STEM website.

We hope to able to honour existing bookings by delivering online content with current students and academics. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact

View our online STEM courses for schools

View online presentations and resources 

The School of Geography turns 100!

As part of the centenary celebrations, the School of Geography has put together videos showcasing the history of the school and looking at the cutting-edge research carried out by world-leading academics as well as the renowned teaching and student experience.

Celebrating 100 years of Geography at Leeds:


Research impact:


Research degrees/student experience:

Discover Materials Virtual Open Day

Tuesday 4 August 1:30-4:30 pm 

Materials Science and Engineering is an exciting, dynamic field of science that affects our daily life, such as better mobile phone batteries and lighter, stronger materials for sports equipment.

The Discover Materials Open Day is aimed at 16-18-year-olds and will showcase the field, the wonderful career opportunities that a Materials Science and Engineering degree can open up, and where you can study it.

The open day will feature:

  • A live materials science show by Marty Jopson (
  • The launch of an exciting video which gives an insight into Materials Science and Engineering
  • A live Q&A session with a panel made up of academics, recent Materials Science and Engineering graduates and employers

Further Information:

To find out more please visit our Discover Materials Virtual Open Day page

To sign up, please visit:

Year 13 Transition Course

Target Audience: Students who studied A-Level Mathematics and are progressing to an undergraduate degree in mathematics, engineering, physics, or a related subject.

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) is delighted to offer Year 13 students free access to a university transition course designed to support students who have studied A-level Mathematics and are progressing to an undergraduate degree course in mathematics, engineering, physics or a related subject.

The course will be hosted on the online platform Integral. Access to the resources requires a free login – every school/college registered with the AMSP is provided with these login details which they can pass on to any student within their institution.

Further Information: 

Further information about this course can be found on our Year 13 transition course page.

IAI Physics Course (for teachers of students aged 15-17)

The IAI Physics Course is a six-part educational course for teachers of students aged 15-17. The course, funded by The Ogden Trust, is intended to provide much-needed e-learning resources to physics teachers all over the UK.

The course does not cover core syllabus content. Featuring renowned physicists such as Carlo Rovelli, Sean Carroll, and Laura Mersini-Haughton, the course aims to spark students’ curiosity by engaging them with exciting themes such as the Big Bang, space exploration, and dark matter.

Further information:

The course is freely available for physics teachers here.

At the bottom of the page is a link to a Google Docs folder containing all the resources, a teacher survey, and an overview (which itself contains links to the videos.)

University of Leeds Teachers and Advisors Ezine. 

There is now a new newsletter bringing together all of the exciting new resources we have been developing across the Educational Engagement service. Here you can find details of our recently launched activities and materials including online workshops, presentations, and digital resources.  New content will be added over the coming weeks.

Further information: The latest edition of the newsletter is available here

Student Success Academic Skills Presentation

The Student Success Team in partnership with Skills@Library has developed an Academics Skills Presentation. This webinar is relevant to all Teachers, Advisors, Parents, and Carers.

Further information: Sign up to watch the presentation please fill in your details via this link.


Online Courses with Future Learn:

The University of Leeds provides a number of free quality online courses to help students make the transition to university.  These courses can be used as a classroom enrichment resource or independently by students to discover exciting subject areas presented by leading academics.

Further information: To see what courses are available please visit the Online Courses section of the website.

FutureLearn Schools

FutureLearn Schools is a new initiative offering free access to hundreds of online educational resources for school students aged 13+, to continue and expand their learning. Teachers and Students will be able to access hundreds of free courses from top universities,  as well as additional guidance and support such as a Coronavirus support hub from TES and support for parents and learners from Pearson.

The University of Leeds has many courses available through the initiative. Courses that may be of particular interest to STEM students and teachers include; Discovering Science: Science Writing, Ecology and Wildlife Conservation, Computer Programming for Everyone, Discovering Science: Medicinal Chemistry, Discovering Science: Global Challenges, Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth, Discovering Science: Chemical Products, Discovering Science: Atmospheric Chemistry, Food Science and Nutrition: From the Farm to you. There is also a course about Preparing to Learn Online at University

Further information:

For further information and access to over a hundred should courses check out the FutureLearn website.

Engineering: Online Resources for Key Stage 3 - 5 

Check out these Engineering resources online for students to download. From career maps to an Introduction to Coding & Design online course for KS5 students.

Find out more here: Engineering resources online  

Are you interested in studying computer science at University and want to find out more about degree apprenticeships? Read Sam’s blog to find out what his day looks like, why he choose a degree apprenticeship with PwC plus career advice.

Read the blog here:  

Other recommended Engineering resources for prospective students:

 'Meet the future you' quiz

This is Engineering short videos  

Biological Sciences: Online Resources for Prospective Students

Explore our free online courses through Future Learn to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts.

Discover the human abdomen and how it works, looking at its key features and common problems;

How to apply: sign up here: Anatomy: Know Your Abdomen

Other recommended courses include 'Causes of Human Disease: Exploring Cancer and Genetic Disease'. Learn how the unraveling of genetic code has led to a deeper understanding of genetic diseases and cancer.

How to apply: sign up here: Causes of Human Disease

YouTube Videos from the Faculty of Environment:

Check out these videos from the University of Leeds Faculty of Environment. Watch as Ph.D. students and Post Docs share their expertise with you.

Tornado in a bottle with Instrument Scientist, Dr. Lindsay Bennett

Convection Tank with Instrument Scientist, Dr. Lindsay Bennett

Cloud in a Bottle with our resident cloud expert Dr. Jim McQuaid

Aerosols in Clouds: Geoengineering Example with Ph.D. student Ben Pickering

Destiny Tank with Ph.D. student Daniel Tek

Ice Nucleation with Post-doc’ Dr. Tom Whale