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Zoom - Guide for Participants

Zoom is an online tool which will allow you to take part in sessions from home. To access the session, we recommend you use a PC or Laptop. Don’t worry if this isn’t possible for you, you will also be able to access the session using a tablet or smartphone.  

Getting Started 

The waiting room will be open 15 minutes before each session, please join ahead of the session time so we can make prompt starts to each session. 

How to join a session   

  • You can access the Zoom session via the weblink or by opening Zoom, selecting “Join a Meeting” and entering the Meeting ID. A password will also be provided. (see Zoom’s Joining a Meeting guidance).  These details will be in the email you received and in the summer school participant area.   
  • Zoom meetings will only be arranged via a University of Leeds licensed account.   
  • You will need to access Zoom for each session.  You may have a Zoom account from which you could join the session but it is also possible to join the sessions without signing in.  
  • Only registered summer school students will be admitted to the session.  Please ensure that your display name is set to your first name and the first letter of your surname only.    
  • If you are signed into a Zoom account, you can change your default name in profile settings.   
  • If you're not signed in, you can just enter a display name below the Meeting ID.   
  • Unrecognised names will not be admitted to the session.   
  • You will enter a waiting room until we are ready to start.  
  • If you haven't already, when you enter the session you will be asked to rename yourself to your first name and the first letter of your surname. Please be aware that your default account username will be visible to other users before you rename.   
  • You can leave the session at any time by clicking the “Leave Meeting” button. Sessions will not be locked, so you are able to re-join via the waiting room if you wish.   

How to contribute to sessions  

During the online sessions, there will be several ways that you can communicate with us and get involved in the sessions. 

  • Camera – We encourage you to use your cameras during the summer school (apart from when we record the taster lecture when we will turn off this functionality). 
  • Microphone – In some sessions, you will be able to use your microphone to contribute to the workshop. When you’re not contributing, or the presenter is talking, we will ask you to mute your microphones to minimise any background noise. 
  • Chat – In some sessions, there will a chat box where you will be able to contribute to the session by typing a message. You will also be able to use this to inform us if you are having any technical issues. 
  • Polls/Q&A/Raise hands – Our talks and workshops will be interactive, so look out for any poll or Q&A features popping up that you can get involved in! 
  • Kahoot - In some sessions we will use an interactive quiz called Kahoot.  To access this you will need to use your smartphone (preferred) or a second browser window on your computer so you can see and select your answers, whilst still seeing the main summer school on your first screen.  You will be asked to visit and given a PIN number to enter the quiz.