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February Half Term Challenges

These are maths competitions for pupils in Years 7 to 10 to complete at home normally during February half term.  We hope to resume these compeititons in 2023.  An announcement will be made here in due course.

As and when we can proceed:
We will accept entries from within a distance of approximately 10π km of Leeds (of course students further afield are very welcome to have a go at the half term challenge for fun).

Please remind your pupils of the following points:

  • Their entry must be their own work, though of course they may ask for help on how to start or for the meanings of unfamiliar words.
  • Entries without any working out at all or written on the Half Term Challenge / Senior Half Term Challenge sheet will not be marked.
  • It is possible to win a prize even if they have not completed all of the questions, so hand in their entry even if it is not quite finished.
  • They must staple their pages together and write their name and school in neat writing on every page.

Normally, all of the prizes will be awarded at an evening of mathematical enrichment at the University of Leeds.

We thank Mathematical Education on Merseyside for providing the questions and the concept of the Half Term Challenge Competition.