Opportunities for Maths Teachers

Mathematics Teachers and Advisers Conference

The School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds usually offers an annual teacher conference. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 we have taken a break from the conference but information will appear here when it resumes.

The Mathematics Teachers and Advisers Conference/Workshop provides an interface between the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds and teachers in schools and sixth forms.

Teachers and University staff alike are given a rare opportunity to exchange valuable experiences and re-invigorate their perspectives on the ever-changing world of mathematics education.

Talks for Teachers

Below are some of the talks we offer to teachers. If you are arranging a teacher network meeting or a departmental training session and would like to request a session please email us  here.

Beginning to teach mechanics at A Level – by Tom Roper, Past President of the Mathematical Association

The session will look closely at Newton’s Laws, the necessary assumptions made in mechanics and provide ways of revealing, examining and addressing misconceptions prevalent in all of us, teachers and students. The use of some very simple apparatus in the teaching of mechanics will be demonstrated and there will be ample opportunity for participation and discussion. Some examples of the way mechanics can provide powerful models of aspects of the real world will also be considered where time permits. The session could be run over half a day or a full day depending upon the needs of those attending.