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Fluid Dynamics Photography Competition 2023

Fluid Dynamics Photography Competition

The University of Leeds invites KS2 & KS3 students to explore fluid dynamics in the natural world.

Deadline: Friday 9th June 2023


What is Fluid Dynamics?

Fluid dynamics is a branch of physics, engineering and environmental studies which investigates the motion of liquids and gasses. We are surrounded by fluids in our everyday lives, from mixing milk into our coffee, to waves in the ocean. Understanding how fluids behave helps us to learn about the world around us.

Where is Fluid Dynamics in Nature?

We are surrounded by fluids in nature! All of which are important to life on Earth. Patterns on leaves determine how raindrops of different shapes and sizes will sit on or run off the leaf. When winds move around high objects, like islands, swirling shapes can be seen in the clouds from space! These are called Von Karman vortices. Wind can also cause leaves to create swirling patterns. Icebergs have a different density to water, which allows them to float.

Students aged 7-14  are invited to get creative and explore the beauty of Fluid Dynamics in nature through experimentation or real-world observation by submitting a single photograph, series of photographs (max 6), video (max 1 minute) or a GIF (max 15 secs) that showcases the Fluid Dynamics phenomena in action alongside a short description (200 words).


We encourage students to work in small teams, max 4 students per team and all visual entries will be displayed in an online gallery.



1st prize- £40 Amazon voucher p/student (max 4 students p/group) + Free entry to MathsCity Leeds

2nd prize- £20 Amazon voucher p/student (max 4 students p/group)

Runner up- £10 Amazon voucher p/student (max 4 students p/group)

Teacher/Parent Information

Register your interest online:

Download the Fluids in Nature pack for all the information on the competition, plus some example entries based on three case studies and some posters to advertise the competition in your school or neighbourhood.

Download the Teacher’s Pack, containing information about the competition, as well as a description of selected Fluid Dynamics experiments that can be performed in class, can be found at

We also have created shortened versions of just the teaching material (, and the experiments (

For more information please email

Submit your entry

Deadline for entries – Friday 9th June 2023

Entries must be submitted by a teacher on behalf of a group of students, maximum 4 per group, in Years 3-9 in England and Wales, Years 4-10 in Northern Ireland or P4-S3 in Scotland. Please include a teacher/parent’s name, team name, students’ names, school name, year group and title of the work when submitting work. See Teacher’s Pack for guidelines on class or group management.

Entries should be submitted via a file sharing service, such as OneDrive or Google Drive. File sharing links should be emailed to with a cover letter containing information which will be outlined in the Teacher’s Pack.

Selection criteria

Thank you for submitting work for this competition. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Subject Matter– Appropriate to the theme of fluid dynamics
  • Creativity and exploration– Evidence of exploration outside of the supplied fluid dynamic experiments and real-world observations in Teacher’s Pack
  • Impact– Detail and aesthetic of the final visualisation and scientific presentation: composition, wow factor etc
  • Execution – Medium chosen appropriate to best visualise the fluid dynamic phenomena captured and organise scientific ideas
  • Description – accompanying descriptive and scientific text clearly and accurately describes what was captured