Experiment in a Box

Welcome to the Experiment in a box project, funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach fund and developed by the University of Leeds.

These are a set of hands on activities, with links to the curriculum, offering students in key stage 2 and 3 opportunities to carry out fun experiments for themselves.

The current boxes cover the following areas:

– Material Matters

Pupils will consider the properties of various materials and how they affect their use. They will look at everyday examples, including those from nature, and carry out an experiment relating to water repellent materials.


– Mighty mix up!

Pupils will investigate how materials mix together and will be introduced to immiscible liquids. At KS3 we’ll also introduce emulsions and discover where these are found in everyday life, and why they are important to scientists. Pupils will carry out their own experiment to make (and taste!) ice cream.

– Fizzy fun!

Pupils will have the opportunity to re-cap their knowledge of solids, liquids and gases using the particle model, and focus more closely on gases. Using carbon dioxide as an example, they will learn more about where it is used and why. They will experiment with recipes for carbonated drinks and be introduced to pH testing.

– Save your smile!

Find out how to keep your teeth feeling healthy and looking great. After considering the causes of tooth decay and how to prevent it, pupils will experiment with toothpaste recipes to see which budding chemist can make the best.

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer any of these activities during 2022. If you are a teacher and would like to run your own science activities, please email Louise Crabtree at l.crabtree@leeds.ac.uk for more information.