Biology Teaching and Outreach Advisory Board

Calling all Biology teachers – Would you like to join a group of teachers, university academics and outreach staff to contribute to the dialogue around teaching and outreach within schools and university?

With recent disruptions to school and university education, now is the time to work together to ensure young people are given the best opportunities to succeed and aren’t unduly disadvantaged by circumstances out of their control.

We are setting up an advisory board with the aims of:

  • updating one another on changes and developments in school and university, including curriculum, exams and admissions
  • understanding how we can support you and your students, in particular, those from Low Progression Neighbourhoods (LPN) and other under-represented groups within Higher Education
  • receiving feedback and direction from teachers on our outreach programme and exploring ways of working together for the benefit of under-represented students
  • sharing information and ideas around teaching biology and science at school and university to motivate students to study them further

We will meet 2 to 3 times per year via MS Teams after the school day has finished. Other than attendance at the meetings, we don’t envisage any significant extra time commitment.

Further information:

If you are interested in joining please contact Louise Crabtree at with details of your role, school and any other relevant information. This opportunity is open to anyone teaching Biology, preferably with more than 2 years teaching experience and from schools within LPN areas.