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Online Participant Code of Conduct

Individual Online Participant Code of Conduct

Participating in our online activity will be very different from your experiences at school/college. The Code of Conduct is used to ensure that all participants can benefit from the activity and enjoy this new experience.

Code of Conduct

• Participate fully in all activities.
• Tolerate and respect individual differences.
• Behave in a friendly, cooperative, polite and responsible manner towards everyone.
• Attend all sessions.
• Follow all of the following General Rules for Student Conduct in Online Activity.

General Rules for Student Conduct in Online Activity

• Participation in the activity always requires responsible behaviour from you together with respect towards other participants and members of staff. The University treats all forms of abuse, bullying, intimidation, sexist and racist behaviour very seriously. You must not engage in any anti-social behaviour or abuse of any kind towards other participants or staff.
• Please do not share the link to the session(s) with anyone else. Only people who have been authorised by staff in advance may attend, any uninvited attendees will be removed from the session immediately.
• When you enter the session please register with your first name followed by the first letter of your surname. If you sign up with a name that we do not recognise, we may need to remove you from the session.
• Do not give out any personal information online, such as your full name, phone number, home or email address.
• Please be aware of your surroundings, particularly if your online activity enables you to share your video or microphone. Ensure that your back-drop is appropriate for a classroom setting, and if there are any unexpected noises etc. (including noisy family members!) please mute your microphone or stop the video as needed, until you are safely able to re-activate.
• Please do not take photographs of your screens or share any images of the online session, this is for your safety as well as the safety of other participants and staff.
• Please contact a member of staff immediately if you become aware of anything upsetting or inappropriate.
• If your behaviour is inappropriate in any way staff will immediately mute microphone/stop video/stop chat access as needed and warn you that if the behaviour continues, you will be removed from the session. Or, if the behaviour is serious enough you will be immediately removed from the session, and your place on any future sessions may be withdrawn.
• Participants must comply with staff requests.