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Events Calendar

4:30 pm ERC=Science² Public Lecture – Bi... @ Lecture Theatre 6.142, Level 6 Worsley Building, University of Leeds
ERC=Science² Public Lecture – Bi... @ Lecture Theatre 6.142, Level 6 Worsley Building, University of Leeds
Apr 26 @ 4:30 pm
ERC=Science² Public Lecture – Bioenergy: Do we have to exploit nature or can we learn from it? @ Lecture Theatre 6.142, Level 6 Worsley Building, University of Leeds
As part of the ERC=Science² project, a series of public lectures will showcase cutting edge research at the University of Leeds funded by the highly presitigous European Research Council. From atmospheric chemists to musical historians, ERC grant-holders have secured millions of euros of competitive EU funding to undertake frontier research and make groundbreaking discoveries here at the University of Leeds. Come and hear how this research is progressing and the impact it could have on you and the world around you. Lecture 3: Bioenergy: Do we have to exploit nature or can we learn from it? Biology is very good at chemical reactions that are useful in energy conversion, including those that create electricity from hydrogen, create (solar) fuels after harvesting light or those that convert carbon dioxide. However, technological and economical challenges have so far prevented biotechnology to make a real impact in these areas. Dr. Lars Jeuken from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds will present current strategies where biological catalyst are used in energy conversions. Besides a general overview of research in the area, some of the results from Leeds will be presented on a project funded by the European Research Council. Benefits, drawbacks and limitations of biotechnology in the field of bioenergy will be discussed.   To register a school group, please visit http://www.stem.leeds.ac.uk/bioenergy_lecture To register as an individual please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ercscience2-public-talk-bioenergy-do-we-have-to-exploit-nature-or-can-we-learn-from-it-tickets-31678123119
6:30 pm Black Holes at the LHC – Public ... @ Conference Auditorium 2, University of Leeds
Black Holes at the LHC – Public ... @ Conference Auditorium 2, University of Leeds
Apr 27 @ 6:30 pm
Prof. Elizabeth Winstanley, University of Sheffield Could we create a mini black hole at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN? Some models in string theory suggest that this might be possible. In this talk we will introduce the LHC, and explain why mini black holes might be created there. We will describe how these mini black holes could be created, and what would happen to them once they have been produced. In particular, we discuss why these black holes will not swallow up the entire Earth. Along the way we will meet a surprising discovery by Stephen Hawking, and find out what an experiment in the Argentinian Pampas tells us about mini black holes.
10:00 am Get Into Gaming @ FutureLabs
Get Into Gaming @ FutureLabs
Apr 30 @ 10:00 am – 2:30 pm
If you’re interested in getting into the games industry yourself then be sure to come along to this event whatever your age and whether you’re in primary school or in a completely different career! Hear from experienced industry experts about some of the jobs that are available in the industry and what they involve on a day to day basis. Find out how our speakers got into their roles and get advice on everything from course-selection to the teaching yourself online to how the recruitment process works. Sign up here!
all-day Salters’ Festival of Chemistry @ University of Leeds
Salters’ Festival of Chemistry @ University of Leeds
May 16 all-day
The Salters’ Festival of Chemistry is a 1 day event run in collaboration with the Salters’ Institute and the School of Chemistry. Schools are invited to nominate a team of four Y7 pupils to take part in a range of practical Chemistry experiments. During the day, the team will take part in various activities and compete for prizes. The day aims to broaden pupils’ interest in chemistry through exciting practical work and fascinating applications. Maximum participants: One team of four pupils per school See Salters’ web pages for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions


We receive a variety of enquiries about what the STEM@Leeds Outreach Team offer for schools. Please find a list of frequently asked questions and their answers listed below.

If your question is not listed below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.



Can you come to our school’s career fair?

Our work focuses on showcasing the practical side of STEM at University and as a result we do not often get chance to agree to attend careers fairs. You can submit a request via our outreach enquiry form and we will forward to relevant colleagues across the University – it therefore helps to provide as much information on the kind of event being run and what is being looked for, on this form.

We also recommend contacting STEM Ambassadors who may be more able to cater to these requests.


Where can I find information about the courses on offer at the University?

Why not start with our simplified Course Directory to get an idea of what STEM courses are available that may  suit your interests?  Next, find detailed and up-to-date information on the University’s Course Finder to further your understanding.


Do you offer events and activities for primary schools?

We have a limited capacity to work with primary schools.  The majority of our work with primary schools is delivered during the Leeds Festival of Science.  We recommend getting in touch with STEM Ambassadors who provide lots of initiatives for primary schools.


Do you charge for events?

The majority of our outreach events are free of charge to attend, with the exception of some of our summer schools. If there is a charge it will be clearly stated before you book.


Do you offer work experience?

We’re unable to coordinate work experience placements for pupils at the University with the exception of the School of Physics and Astronomy, who offer a dedicated Work Experience scheme which accepts applications from Year 12 students studying physics and maths at A-level.


Where can I find information about STEM summer schools at the University?

Please visit our Summer Schools webpage for  information.


Who can I contact for  information about a specific topic?

The University of Leeds has a fantastic Find An Expert search engine that will help you find someone to contact.



Have a question that isn’t listed here?  Get in touch!