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2:30 pm The Platonic Solids’ Lesser Know... @ MALL 1, School of Mathematics
The Platonic Solids’ Lesser Know... @ MALL 1, School of Mathematics
Oct 20 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
The Platonic solids need no introduction. But what makes these five shapes so special? They are the only polyhedra satisfying the following conditions: every face is a regular polygon, every face is identical to every other, every edge is identical to every other, every corner is identical to every other, and finally the shape is convex (roughly, it contains no holes or spikes). In this session, we will investigate some of the less famous (but no less beautiful!) shapes that arise when we relax or amend these conditions. The session will also showcase three of the speaker’s current favourite things: a children’s construction toy (Magformers), a piece of software (Robert Webb’s Stella 4D), and a rare book (Adventures Among The Toroids by Bonnie Stewart). This is a Yorkshire Branch of the Mathematical Association event (www.ybma.org.uk). Non-members are welcome, free of charge. 2pm for a 2:30pm start.


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Risk Assessments

For all on campus activities please download our main risk assessment.

In addition to this please download the relevant risk assessment for each activity you are attending. We will have all of this years Risk Assessments up on this page as soon as possible but in the meantime if you click on some of the link below you will be directed to the risk assessment of the same activity in 2017.

Please also ensure you read the further information for schools visiting the campus.

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On Campus Risk Assessments

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Bringing the outside in: Geological mapping in virtual landscapes
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 A Level Maths day
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KS2 Carousels:

Carousel 1: Snakes, slugs and spiders

Carousel 1: Marble Mazes

Carousel 2: Bee is for Biodiversity

Carousel 2: Earth Detectives

Carousel 3: What a gas!

Carousel 3: What’s in my kiwi?

Carousel 4: Particle Zoo – No additional risk assessment required.

Carousel 4: Rollercoasters

Robo racers
Pole to pole: Life at the ends of the Earth
Pop maths quiz
Proof of the pudding
 What’s the matter?
The ups and downs of life in the freezer: A tale of two poles
Untangling knot theory
Weather and water: Demisting the science of our atmosphere
Year 12 biological sciences day: